The Growers

Jacob Bach-Mullane (Food Grower and Loving Father)

Jacob still has the blueprints from his first garden at the age of 6. He's had his own garden every summer since then, including the nomadic years of university. Also, at the age of 6, Jacob decided he wanted to be an archaeologist.  He now holds a Master's Degree in Anthropological Studies with an emphasis in archaeology from Western Michigan University, and, whether searching for lost cultural history or nourishing the growth of new life, Jacob's hands are continually soiled with the satisfaction of new discoveries.      


Katie Mullane-Bach (Mother and Habitual Smiler)

After spending over a year traveling in twenty countries and completing her studies at WMU in international business, environmental studies and German, Katie realized there was much to appreciate, learn and experience at home.  She's sunk her roots into the subsoil of lower Michigan and is discovering with amazement the power of the seed.