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Creole Succotash
Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 25 minutes Serves: 4 to 6   Equipment: 8-quart pot Colander (2) Medium-sized mixing bowl Cutting board Your favorite Knife Cast-iron skillet   Ingredients: * 8 oz Fresh shelled red beans*

Italian Market Pasta Salad
4  ounces packaged dry mafalda, large bow tie, or campanelle pasta 6  cups mesclun or other spring greens 1  cup grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, halved lengthwise 1/2  cup crumbled Gorgonzola, blue, or feta cheese (2 ounces) 3&

Wilted Lettuce Salad
A standby on Grandma's spring supper table.

Radicchio Salad with Tomatoes
1 radicchio lettuce, 2 cups parsley, 6oz. Feta cheese (diced), 14oz artichoke hearts, 3oz tomatoes, 5tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp lemon juice; Arrange radicchio leaves and parsley, top with feta, artichoke halves and tomatoes. Whisk together lemon juice an

Lettuce Sandwich Spread
What to do with all the lettuce!
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Farmers' Market Spring Salad
An incredibly easy salad using ingredients from the farmers' market

Caesar Salads
Blend ½ c. lemon juice, 2 tsp. Cider vinegar, tsp. honey, 2/3 c. olive oil, ½ c. romano/parmesan cheese, ¼ tsp. thyme leaves, 2 oz. Salted anchovies. P. Newman has no monopoly on salad dressings! -or- Dressing--mix well or blend 1/2 c olive
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Roasted Pumpkin Soup
A great combination of many fall garden foods
Products (Onion, Garlic, Pumpkin, Leek, Apples)

Leek or Onion Soup
Sauté 4 c. chopped leeks or onions in 2 tbs butter until soft. Add 2 quarts water or vegetable broth and simmer another 20 min. Add salt or soy sauce to taste. For a treat, ladle soup into bowls and top with grated parmesan cheese and place under
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Irish Potato Soup
IRISH POTATO SOUP Helen’s version of a Southern Living Recipe (March 1999) Makes at least 11 cups   3-4 pieces bacon 1/4c Butter 1 medium Onion – thinly sliced 3 small Leeks – washed and thinly sliced 4 large Baking P
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Braised Leeks
An easy side dish
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Vanilla Glazed Kohlrabi
Vanilla Glazed Kohlrabi
Products (Kohlrabi, Butter, Honey)

Sauted Kohlrabi
From Asparagus to Zucchini (modified) 1 to 2 kohlrabi 2 tbsps butter or light oil ½  medium onion, diced ½ to 1 tbsp fresh herbs (chervil or parsley) ½ tsp salt Grate kohlrabi, place in colander, and sprinkle with
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Marinated Kohlrabi
Marinated Kohlrabi
Products (Onion, Kohlrabi, Parsley, Herbs)

Boiled Kohlrabi
Peel kohlrabi.  Slice and put in pot. Cover with water, add a little salt.  Cook until tender.  Drain and add a little butter.  Salt and pepper to taste.  About 4 small kohlrabi equals 2 good servings.  
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Squash and Kale Soup
Pam highly recommends this recipe.

Lively Lentil Soup Recipe
A soup that is filling, tasty, adaptable, and also delivers plenty of good stuff.

Hanny's Spicy Potato Soup
A hearty, filling soup to warm you up any day of the week!
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Curry Kissed Kale and Apple and Onion
Curry-Kissed Kale with Apple and Onion An earthy trinity of fall favorites: deep green organic kale, tart apples and sauteed onion, with a touch of curry for gentle warming of the spirit.   Prep Time: 0:05 Total Time: 0:15 Servings:
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Indian spiced kale and chickpeas
You can use chard or even spinach in this recipe
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Beef and dark beer chili
Makes 11 servingsI use fresh tomatoes since they're still around during pepper season when I make this dish.    1 1/2 tablespoons ground cumin               &nb

Oven-roasted radicchio
You can cook most chicories this way, but Treviso (the one shaped like romaine lettuce) is especially suited to this method.

Leek, Walnut and Pear Salad
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