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Posted 5/2/2012 10:26am by Jacob and Katie Mullane-Bach.

Onions planting commenced this grey, Wednesday morning - a whole month earlier than last year! Next to go in the ground will be kales, broccoli, cabbage and chard. Monday’s rain was much needed as we haven’t seen much of it these past months. We were fortunate not to get the really heavy downpours that were received more toward the Flint, Grand Blanc area as that would have delayed planting in the fields. Jacob, Forrest and apprentice Anina, finished seeding the cover crop and poultry feed fields by moonlight late Sunday night assuring that at least four acres of time-sensitive seeds where in the soil before the rains fell. Over the past 16 months of living here we’ve experienced the trend of precipitation clouds separating just west of us, dowsing areas north and south of us as our fields quench their thirsts with the edges of the front. When a farm has irrigation, which thankfully we do now, it is usually better to receive too little rain than too much. If fields are continuously wet, their long term health can be jeopardized by agricultural processes. When fields are too dry, they can at least be irrigated so long as there’s a sustained water source nearby. We are grateful our pond is constantly being replenished by a natural spring. A healthy balance of rains is the most desired option, however, so here’s to a season of well balanced rainfalls for farms across the world!


Seedling to go into the fields this week. Above in the forefront are kales and below are flats of swiss chard.